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Young Performer Program

The Blue Mountains Concert Society promotes young artists that have a demonstrable talent for musical performance, and who are likely to pursue a career as a professional musician.  These artists are typically teenagers or young adults who are still at school or university.  Residents in the Blue Mountains or who have an association with the Blue Mountains (previous residents or by schooling) are preferred, but young artists from further afield are also encouraged.  We welcome solo instrumentalists, duos and trios, and singers to come forward.

The young performer program allows our members to appreciate the rising stars in music within our community, and to be among the first to see them perform in a concert setting.  Such an up-coming artist is provided with an opportunity to perform a curtain-raiser item at our concerts, typically of 10 to 12 minutes total duration.  The young performer is paid a small fee for his or her performance in recognition of a performance of high standard commensurate with age and experience.

Young performers are expected to provide their own accompanist where necessary.  The Society can assist in providing a piano accompanist where possible, but this assistance cannot be guaranteed.  There is a small fee available for the accompanist as well.

Young performers are encouraged to come forward and take this opportunity.  Being under professional tutorship is mandatory and we would request that the performance ability be endorsed by their current teacher.  We would also encourage teachers to come forward and propose their promising students for this opportunity.  The young performer must be capable of presenting on stage in a confident manner, to a high standard, without stopping or repeating. 

Application can be made (contact us) by providing a short biography, instrument, accompanist’s name, teacher’s contact details, picture of artist, and piece(s) proposed to be played.  While virtuoso presentations are always amazing to experience, we would encourage these young performers to choose piece(s) that are well within their capability to deliver well on stage rather than to risk ambitious pieces.

One piece, such as a movement from a sonata, is suitable if it fits the length of time, or else two or three shorter pieces are fine.  Classical, jazz and contemporary items can be mixed.  We have even had young artists perform their own compositions which has been astounding.


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