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Concert performances could not be presented without the contribution of volunteers. As a committee member a volunteer is required to pay the membership, attend a minimum of five concerts throughout the year, attend all committee meetings and assist with the various duties of the committee.

The tasks that you can help us with include:

  • sponsorship
    source willing sponsors, collect funds
  • box office
    sell tickets, assist with the box office on concert nights
  • publicity
    - banners arrange printing, hang up and take down;
    - posters design and printing, distribute;
    - advertisements design and submission to newspaper;
    - articles write and submission to newspaper;
    - proofing
    - emails design, prepare email list, send emails
    - maintain web site and face book
  • annual brochures
    design; collect information and liaise with artists; printing; proofing; distribution
  • hall set-up and performance
    arrange chairs; put up signs; meet and assist artists to set up; door keeping; ushering; take tea money at interval; assist with serving teas at interval; pack away afterwards
  • young artists
    source promising artists; audition them to approve the standard of performance; arrange program; get program notes; check on requirements such as availability, transport and accompanist.
  • program for each concert
    liaise with artists to get notes and photos; design and edit information for the program; liaise with printers.

Volunteers contribute to their community. If you would like to contribute in any way, please contact us and find out how you can become involved it is fun and an interesting and educational experience.

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