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The Blue Mountains Concert Society is supported by some local businesses which sponsor our annual series.  The sponsorship funds go towards our advertising and publicity costs in order to maintain our presence in the Blue Mountains and to increase our recognition in the community.


We are the grateful recipient of donations that are made by individual members of the community.  Small donations assist us to cover some of our administrative costs.  Large donations are allocated to our piano fund to cover major repairs to the piano or ultimately its replacement.


We would like to suggest that some of our members would consider recalling the wonderful evenings, and remember the Blue Mountains Concert Society in their wills.  Such funds will enable us to be more financially secure so that we can enhance the high standard of our musical offerings and expand our reach in the community.

At some point in the mid-term future, we will have to replace our aging grand piano, and bequeasts to this end would be very much appreciated.


We can always do with help with the preparation that goes on behind the scenes to make our concert evenings a success.  While our committee members do most of the tasks we seek helpers (who do not need to be committee members) who can be reliable and consistent in helping us with some of the tasks.  The following skills and help are required:

  • Computer based literacy for administration and box-office.  Knowledge of Microsoft Office Word and Excel packages.  Sending of mail-merge emails for concerts.
  • A Facebook and Twitter blogger that can post regularly.
  • Hall set-up on afternoons before concerts and packing away at the end of concerts.  Setting out of chairs, chair numbering, stage preparation, etc.
  • Ushering and program sales before concert.
  • Marketing and sales skills for sponsorship.
  • Distribution of publicity material:  putting up posters, banners, distribution of fliers.

To make a contribution, please contact us.



Current supporters include:

Italian Institute of Culture, Sydney

Italian Institute of Culture, Sydney

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